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  • What type of architects do you work with?
    We work mostly with residential and multi-family shops. We can deliver one kitchen at a time or 350 (yes, we have done that!). We have a full suite of products that can cater to an architect designing a single multi-million dollar home to an architect designing a large apartment complex. And because our company was formed by custom home builders, we understand that these projects call for very different products, and we have the selection and industry knowledge necessary to service architects designing a wide variety of projects.
  • How do I show my clients the products they can select?
    We install a "micro-showroom" for all of our clients. Most of our clients turn a small part of their existing space into a selection center (we only need about 150 square feet). This allows the architect to have even more control over the selection process, and their clients love not being shuffled around to ten different locations to make selections with someone they don't know. If you don't have the space, we can open a small showroom near you that you can use for private consultations.
  • Isn't it more work for me to help clients with their selections?
    Yup. No doubt, our way is a bit more work than giving your clients a list of local retail operations. But, most architects we talk to are happy to put in a few extra hours per client for tens of thousands of extra dollars.
  • I live in ___________, do you service this area?"
    As long as you are filling in that blank with somewhere in the continental USA, the answer is: Absolutely we do. We are based in the Midwest but have clients all over the country. If you are interested in our program, give us a call. If there is continued mutual interest, we'll drive or fly out to see you.
  • Why can you sell your products to architects at such low prices?
    We don't spend thousands of dollars per month to maintain a huge showroom, we don't sell retail and therefore don't incur the overhead a retail operation requires, and we pool the buying power of our clients to demand the best pricing from manufacturers - your local retailers simply can't compete.
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